Share Module

Is the Share Module really up to date?

I get " Error message: share.shareFile is not a function." when trying the example in the docs.


Hi znoopykid,

the module itself is fine, but there is a mistake in the docs - the capitalisation on Share and share. This is already fixed and will roll out with a future update to the docs.

Use Share.shareFile instead of share.shareFile.

Thx! That solved it. Is it possible to share an image in the form of URL, or share a URL, through this module?

Share.shareFile(“”, “image/*”, “Photo from Fuse”);

Returns empty.

Yes, but for that you should use another function (also documented, but not yet published): Share.shareText("", "The link to Fuse website");

Awesome. Thx. And I assume you could achieve sharing an image from URL through first download it to phone/app (if there is support for such) and then share the path as per example?

I would guess so, but that remains to be tested :slight_smile:

I can report that it does work, splendidly. :slight_smile:

However, in both the shareFile and shareText case - the third parameter of:

Share.shareFile(image.path, “image/*”, “Photo from Fuse”);

e.g. “photo from fuse” doesn’t make it through? Especially interesting in the share image case to also be able to pass a title/text.


Interesting; worked fine in my tests.

But that’s a separate issue for a new thread with as many details as possible.