Description is not managed in Share.ShareFile action


Desc : When I add a description in Share.ShareFile action, the Description parameter is not read and so not managed.
Fix : After digging into the Fuse source code, I found why:
In the file Fuse.Share.g.cpp, into the method named ShareModule::ShareFile, at the line 141 here is what is written:

     uString* description = (uPtr(args)->Length() > 1) ? (uString*)::g::Uno::String::op_Addition1(::STRINGS[4/*""*/], uPtr(args)->Strong<uObject*>(1)) : ::STRINGS[4/*""*/];

It should be

     uString* description = (uPtr(args)->Length() > 1) ? (uString*)::g::Uno::String::op_Addition1(::STRINGS[4/*""*/], uPtr(args)->Strong<uObject*>(2)) : ::STRINGS[4/*""*/];

Because 1 is the mime-type.


Here is my Pull Request:


Fix has been approved. Yes :slight_smile:


And I’ve merged it! Thanks a lot for your contribution!


I don’t know if you noticed, but I added a complementary merge request:

Thank you


Fixed the Share module for android and added description to subject: