Share Image and Text with share tool

Hi there,

I have been working on Fuse share tools and I have notice that they are only two ways to share, share a text or a file. What I want is to share a file ,for example, in twitter with a text.

How can I manage to do that? Is there is a new function or what would be the solution to this?


You can try this to share on Facebook and Twitter. You can add your own foreign code to support more apps.

Thank Arturs for the reply… however, I don’t want to do foreign code for every social media networks. The share function that is currently working enables me to share to what ever app installed on the device and it is sharing either text or file to a specified app, I just wanted to share both text and file on the same time. What I’m seeking is combination between shareText & shareFile in FuseJS/Share module.