SocialShare iOS/Android

Hey guys,

I’ve been working in a library to share content from JS to Twitter and Facebook. In the next few days I hope to complete the implementation of FB iOS and also sharing using the standard sheet with picture.

Here is an example of how it works

    var SocialShare = require("SocialShare");

    // Create your post or tweet using JSON
    var myTweet = {
        text: "This is a tweet from a Fuse app :D",
        // url : "",
        via : "fusetools"
    var fbPost = {
        text: "This is a post from a Fuse app :D",
        imageUrl: "",
        url : ""

    // Show the social share dialog.

Just one question Is it correct to use Fuse.LibraryName or is it reserved for official projects? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a pretty good question, and I don’t think we’ve really decided on anything there. We don’t “reserve names” on a technical level, but I think it’d be a forward looking approach to not use the Fuse prefix: you’ll guarantee you’ll have zero conflicts in the future and if you intend to make more packages (I hope so!) It’s an opportunity to brand yourself :slight_smile:

Right! In fact I already know a very good brand… Bolav Inc

I just saw the new Fuse.Share package it is similar what I want to achieve. Good to see an official package (: