Set target device in iOS builds

I am looking for the way to set the target device in FUSE iOS builds.

By default it remains as universal, iPhone and iPad, but I wanna target iPhone only.

I tried some tricks after build with no success.

Any suggestion?

Hi MichaelKnight,

After a quick Google search, it seems you can’t target iPhone only.

You can’t restrict an application to run on iPhone only in the normal way.The iOS is designed such a way that the iPhone apps will run on iPad in 1x resolution .

However if you really want to restrict your app to iPhone , you can achieve this by stating that the app requires feature telephony to work by specifying the same in UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities . This means it will only work on an iPhone.


That post was written more than 5 years ago.

If you open Xcode IDE it lets you choose the target device like this:

You could just test it only on your iPhone with universal on? Then when you’re going to production, switch it to iPhone only.

Oh :slight_smile:

If this exist in Xcode it should be easy to expose a iOS.Devices property in .unoproj to persist this value.

I created an issue about this feature at

I see there is a fix published to the repo but I dunno how to do to apply it to my environment. How can I do it?