ServiceIntent not found (Fuse 0.20.3)


I got this error after upgrading to the 0.20. How can I fix it?

E/GcmReceiver( 9104): Failed to resolve target intent service, skipping classname enforcement
E/GcmReceiver( 9104): Error while delivering the message: ServiceIntent not found.


  "Packages": [

Hi Onur,

I had a good look at this error the other day and whilst I can’t be 100% on this it does seem to be harmless. The only other reference to this issue online (that matched our usage) said this was an ignorable error.

If you are seeing issues with push notifications though make sure you dont have both <FuseJS.Push ux:Global="Push" /> in your UX & var push = require("FuseJS/Push"); in your JS.

You only need var push = require("FuseJS/Push"); in the JS now.

Hope this helps

Hi Chris,

Thank you. My mistake var Push = require("Push"); :((

Hi Onur,

Sorry that I wasnt very clear, I was trying to say that your should not have <FuseJS.Push ux:Global="Push" /> in your UX. We have made some changes that make this unneccesary