Sending and receiving SMS

I am developing an app that requires the sending and receiving of binary SMS from within the app from both IOS and Android. I have not come across anything in fuse that would allow this. Can someone point me in the right direction for this or if any examples are out there already?

I am not aware of anyone doing that yet. If you are familiar with the native api’s you could ofc. do the wrapper yourself looking at Native modules.

Are there any news about sending and receiving (managing) SMS with Fuse (apart using LaunchURI to launch the SMS app)? I would like to build a app for home automation via SMS because in the area where the house is internet is provided only via a weak LTE signal and often it does’nt work at all.

I don’t think there’s a native SMS integration module:

You’ll have to build it with foreign code:

Android example:

Don’t think you can automate for iOS:

So maybe you should use an online SMS API; hopefully the home has enough internet signal for an http request.

If you really need iOS, then I guess you’ll have to have a local “sending server” that’s running android that can do the automated SMSing, the iOS device would just need to send a local request to be passed on.