Sending an SMS


I’m just wondering if it is possible to open the messages app and prepare an SMS for sending to a number with a pre-typed message.

This would be extremely helpful to my app, which I’m currently trying to develop in fuse, and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can inform me of if it is possible or not, or hint me in the right direction, thanks.

The best way is to access the function from Uno using foreign code, and expose it to UX/JS with a native module.

There’s plenty of existing source code available for the actual composition of the SMS message (though iOS is especially icky about these things), so I suggest you search around a bit for a way to do it natively on the platform(s) of choice, and then bring that functionality into Fuse through foreign code.

Here’s at least one link to get you started:

Thanks Bent, I have already created a prototype in Xcode that successfully does this, so this really helps, and I should be able to get the app just about completed once I figure out the other platforms too.