Recursive "uno clean" batch file


If you have more Fuse projects you are working on I’m pretty sure you found boring launching uno clean for every folder every time a new Fuse version is published or you need a full clean rebuild. The following BAT file will recurse all folders inside your project folder (in this case C:\Fuse) and execute uno clean. The BAT file will recurse only the first level of the folders so it will not enter for example pages in c:\fuse\my_proj\pages but will launch uno clean only in c:\fuse\my_proj.

@echo off
pushd "c:\Fuse"
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir /ad /b ') do (
    pushd "%%a"
    uno clean

Please share any improvement.


Could you PLEASE provide an example of what the command would look like to run uno clean? I’ve DL’ed 2 of the Fuse updates along with only installing one of them (the most recent I haven’t installed yet) and I’m trying to work on a Project, but am having some issues on getting the preview window to appear on my Phone without seeing some blank page on that or in Fuse. I see that I have to run a uno clean, but I have no idea how the command would look.


The command looks exactly like that: uno clean.

You have to run it in Terminal (MacOS) or CMD (Windows), in the project root folder. When in Fuse, you can select from the top menu: Project -> Open in Terminal. That will open up the Terminal/CMD window where you can execute uno clean.


Really? Because it wasn’t working for me in Terminal when I was trying it, so I opened Fuse and followed your Instructions…

niiiiice…I was able to run a uno clean command on a different file, but in regards to the one I’m trying to work on, I was unable to locate the file, and that’s when I realized my problem…

…it’s not saved as a unoproj file, only the mainux format, if I’m not mistaken. I’m about to save it as a unoproj and see if it’ll work, I’ll let you know what happens.

Thank You for the response.