Fuse Dashboard

I would like to suggest a feature to the Fuse Dashboard, add a Uno Clean feature, it would replace my need to click “open in Command Prompt” and then do uno clean.

But please feel free to not spend any time doing this if there are more pressing conserns, it is just one quality of life imporvments for at least one person.


If you’re using sublime text take a look at the package ShellCommand https://packagecontrol.io/packages/ShellCommand

I have it setup on windows to open it via alt+enter

Then I just type uno clean and done simple. It is a terminal so you can run whatever you like

Also what would be better is if they added it to the sublime plugin under the command palette, if I can do an uno clean from there that would be nicer

Regarding uno clean - we’re making some changes to the build process which hopefully should eliminate or at least greatly reduce the need to run that command after performing a Fuse update. If/when that goes into production, it’ll obviously be vigorously pointed out in the change logs. :slight_smile:

As for the dashboard: when we start to approach the end of the beta period, most if not all of the functionality currently available in the dashboard will be relocated to the more traditional app menus/keyboard shortcuts.

When and how this will happen isn’t 100% settled yet, so I can’t give you any hard milestone or deadline. Just follow the news and updates and you’ll know when we know :slight_smile: