Property default value


default values for Property doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if bug or I’m doing it wrong…

Here is a test case :

MainView.ux :

<App Theme="Basic">
    <MyComponent/> <!-- in the center -->
    <!-- <MyComponent RectAlignment="BottomLeft"/> --> <!-- Will be in the bottomleft -->

MyComponent.ux :

<Panel ux:Name="myComponent" ux:Class="MyComponent">
    <Alignment ux:Property="RectAlignment" ux:Value="BottomRight" />

    <Rectangle Height="200" Width="200" Fill="Blue" Alignment="{Property myComponent.RectAlignment}"/>

PS : maybe not the best test case as it also shows this problem :

Please launch the preview before copy/pasting this code

Thanks, this is on record now.

I also experienced this. I think is the same reason that codebehind does not work on elements in Preview mode.

Fixed in (upcoming) 0.9.6 :

Can be closed.

Thanks !