MapView MarkerTapped overlay

Dear Community,

First of all, thank you sooo much for this great platfrom. I got some serious problems with the MapView:

What2Achieve: Getting an animated Overlay on MarkerTapped.(Like the app “drive now”)

What I tried/accomplished:

  1. Getting the Overlay as a Panel (checked)

  2. Loading dynamic data on MarkerTapped (checked)

  3. Trigger the animation (Struggle, How can I trigger an animation via JavaScript?) -> Workaround: Used “Adding Animation” for testing purpose

  4. Sadly the Overlay doesnt draw ontop of the MapView (on other page tabs it works perfect) -> Workaround: Perhaps I need to Shrink the MapView proportional to the Overlay?

Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

P.S.: I would love to have a completely different approach using any MapView components. The label is drawn as a Overlay on Android only. 5) Is it possible to get this on iOS? 6) The overlay is positioned relatively to the marker. Could we customize that?

Hi, I did some testing and it seems like layering rectangles / panels on top of MapView (inside NativeViewHost) is broken in the current release, but fixed in the upcoming one (0.22). We’re hoping to be able to release that one this week and will let you know as soon as it’s out.

As for triggering animations there’s always the possibility of binding the value of a WhileTrue tag to an observable and change that in JS. E.g. <WhileTrue Value="{myTrigger}>

Hey Remi,

Many thanks for your response.

When are you releasing the new Version? Since 8 days have passed and the bug is still not fixed?

Further on, I also asked about the label , which is triggered, after you tap on the location pin on android devices…This is stil not working for iOS.

Is there a method to activate/deactivate this label on android or iOS?

Many thanks in andvance.

Hi, the release just came out.

As for your question on the usage I’ll have to defer to someone who knows the details of the API better.


If I understand the issues you describe correctly, the markerTapped events shown in the example here does not work on iOS?

Our MapView guy is out on vacation, will be back next monday. Ill notify him so he can join in on this thread :slight_smile:

Hello Vegard,

Many thanks for the update.

The lable overlays on iOS wokrs properly now. We are still struggling to display fetched data or even Text within a panel inside the nativeView.

Is it possible to use the now correctly functioning lable-overlays on markertapped and customize them to include additional informations and custom styles?

Many thanks in advance.

Vacation mode deactivated!

Unfortunately, the functionality you’re asking for is currently not available, and will by necessity have to be handled on a per-platform basis because of how marker views are handled natively (very differently).

I have ideas for how to do this with extending MapView and implementing a callback with foreign code per platform, but it is likely to be a while before this is available.

Hello Andreas,

thanks for the response.

If there is no way to style the lable-overlay, may it be possible to style the marker itself? Or can you include a trigger, which allows us to control marker taped or marker not taped? The aim is to divide the markers into different categories, which are then displayed on the map with custom symbols…

Many thanks in advance.

If there is any way to solve this probelm by our own, please let me know.



EDIT: Two weeks ago we had a problem displaying a Rectangle above a Naitveview. This problem is fixed by now. Now we want to display an image within the rectangle above the map, but the image does not get displayed? Also texts loaded into the rectangle only shows properly on the iPhone 6s Plus. On the iPhone 5 for instance the text´s z-index seems to be lower than the recangle´s one. So it´s text -> recangle -> map. Playing with zOffset didn´t help. In addition: On the iPhone 6s Plus the text first gets rendered with the same bug(text behind the recangle) but than it gets correceted after a split sec. and the text is displayed above the rectangle. Any suggestions

For the trigger problem mentioned above: [URL=] Ref this[/URL] forum post, seems to be exact the same problem.

Hey Julien, custom marker graphics is a feature we are actively looking into but don’t have a solution for right now. We’re looking at various approaches for it but it’s a bit tricky and platform dependent. Hope we can have news for you soon.