Play Audio

This long, long, looong waited feature just doesn’t seems to materialize. Any news about it? I was wondering if Experimental.Audio could still work? According to my test it doesn’t, but I was able to play sound with it at some point (over a year ago) so I was wondering maybe it just got a bit dusty. Maybe it’s the importer and files are just compiled to wrong location or something. I don’t know.

Here’s a little test project that was able to play sound at some point.

I know there’s the Soundcloud app example that uses iOS and Android libraries to stream audio, but I would like this to work on dotnetexe, since developing on device isn’t efficient. Also I would like to include my sound in app, not stream.

Or maybe someone could help me to get audio playing on dotnetexe and I could then use the Soundcloud example as basis for creating the same feature on android and ios.


Maybe I should render my sounds as video and play it hidden.

Simo! good to see you. How about this:

    <Button Text="LOUD NOISES">
            <PlaySound File="Wilhelm.wav" />

This is currently working internally. It’s on a branch that is waiting to land. A few of our team are still out on well earned vacation but will be back soon, at that point we can start landing all this stuff.

The api currently is only what you see here. PlaySound is a TriggerAction and you can use it where you would expect.

We learned the hard way that a general ‘Audio’ api wouldnt feel nice, so we have split it into a Sound api (so far just this guy above) and a StreamingAudio api. I’m working on the latter right now, it supports background playback on iOS & Android and can play http streams as well as bundled files.

Hmm, looking back at your question it seems more focused on streaming playback than sounds. Damn, as the v1 of the streaming player likely will be mobile only (we kinda want to ship it and then fill in the gaps)

Woops I forgot to mention Experimental.Audio. It’s deprecated. The issues we had were that google’s implementation of OpenSL on some android devices was buggy and so we couldn’t match what we had on other platforms.

Good to hear it’s so close to release. Hopefully it’ll follow same design as with duration,position,volume and looping (+while…'s)

I’m not sure we will have all that in the first version. We want to get out just something right now and then start to iterate on it.

Understood, no worries, I ended up using hidden and mp4 format for now :slight_smile: