Pixelated Images

Not sure if this should be a bug or not, so I posted in General…

Images that appear perfectly fine in Windows Photo Viewer look pixelated in Fuse. I can’t preview or export to my devices right now (I have a bug open for that issue), so I can’t comment on how the image looks on mobile. Is this pixelated look what the end user of the app will experience, or is this just how it displays in Fuse? And if the later, is there any way to get Fuse to display the images with higher fidelity?



images can look “pixelated” if they are stretched too much in a particular direction. Funny enough, that can happen both if scaling up or down, and this is a general thing that is not limited to Fuse.

Without any details, like the specific image you’re referring to or exactly how you use it in UX, it is impossible to comment on the cause. In addition to that, you should also be aware of the fact that screens have different densities, so the same picture that looks fine on a lower pixel density screen may very well appear pixelated on a higher density screen.

What you should do in all cases, is making sure that the images you’re using need as little scaling as possible - they should be resized to match the target resolution as close as possible. In Fuse, there is MultiDensityImageSource Class that allows you to automatically use different image files, depending on the target device screen density.

Hope this helps!