not working after updating to 0.21

After updating to 0.21 the is not working (even having the “Fuse.Launcher” Package included in the .unoproj file)

  • Fuse version: 0.21
  • OS X
  • App running on iOS

Thanks for reporting, I will take a look.


I have verified that the following example works using an iPhone 6 plus:


              var phone = require("FuseJS/Phone");

              function onClick() {
        "the phone number to call");

              module.exports = {
                  onClick: onClick
          <Button Text="Call me" Clicked="{onClick}" />


    "Packages": [
    "Includes": [

If you still have problems with this it would be helpful if you could provide some source code. And also what phone model and iOS version you are on. :slight_smile:


i have created a project with 3 buttons… 2 of them working one not:

    // CC = Country Code
    function call() {
"+CC 123 45 67 89");

    function call2() {
          console.log("calling 2");

    function call3() {

Only the first one is not working. In my app the phone number format is the first one although it should work based on documentation:

I am using an iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.2

Ah… I see.

Spaces in the phone number seems to be a problem.

I will create a ticket for this in our bug tracker, and we’ll hopefully have a fix for this in one of the next releases.

Meanwhile I think you could work around this by removing all space characters from the phone number before calling

Thanks for discovering this bug. :slight_smile:

yep… the work around is quite simple in this case :slight_smile: