<Pagecontrol> go directly to page

Hi, is it possible to go to specific page directly ? for example i am on page no 1, there is a button, and when i press it i want to go to page 3,

       <NavigateTo Target="three"/>

after i click button … app going to page 3 but through page no 2.

how can i do it ?

Hi, you’re using a PageControl here, correct? It sounds like you want to use a Navigator instead and use a Router to navigate between your pages. This article explains how to do this: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/navigation/navigation

Yes, this is what i am looking for. Thank you.

how do I make a page only visible at the first time of opening the app

dszymczak84: happy to help!

johnwellacademy: you’ll have to store whether or not the app was opened before somewhere, in your backend or perhaps locally on the device. Once that’s known, you should be able to navigate to a specific page in that case.

Thanks for the reply, Jake Taylor. But please do you mind explaining how I can go about it