PageControl doesn't reverse bind to Observable

Fuse version 0.21.0 (build 6612) Windows 10

The problem is that binding an observable to the Active of PageControl doesn’t update the observable when swiping. Here’s an example:

        var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

        var currentPage = Observable("second");

        module.exports = {
        <Text Dock="Top" Value="{currentPage}" />
        <PageControl Active="{currentPage}">
            <Page ux:Name="first" Background="#F00" />
            <Page ux:Name="second" Background="#0F0" />
            <Page ux:Name="third" Background="#00F" />

If you run this you’ll see that even though the page switches, and even though the ux responds observable starts off at the second page, it doesn’t update the title text (or the js) when you swipe between pages.

Just out of curiosity why are you using PageControl rather than just using the router system, because you can have multiple routers and use the push(); I find it much easier to navigate and use than pagecontrol

The router is great but the PageControl does have its uses still. For example see the swipe to remove example.

Yes, this is a known limitation of navigation now (not just PageControl), it doesn’t 2-way bind the Active value. We had a limitation before where it wasn’t possible, but a recent update fixed that. I’ll raise the priority on the binding issue now.