pageControl seekToPath issues after fuse 1.3.0

After updating to fuse 1.3.0, using SeekToPath on a PageControl doesn’t seem to work as intended. The PageControl will jump to the appropriate slide, but the ActiveIndex will not change. The example below illustrates the issue:

	var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
	var active = Observable();
	module.exports = {
		active: active,
		goto2: function() {
			//active.value = 2;
	<Panel Padding="20" Dock="Top">
		<Button Text="Jump to slide 2" Alignment="Left" Clicked="{goto2}"></Button>
		<Text Alignment="Right">active={{active}}</Text>
	<PageControl ux:Name="pageControl" ClipToBounds="true" ActiveIndex="{active}">
		<NavigationMotion GotoType="SmoothSnap" />
		<Panel Background="#fee" Name="slide0">
			<Text FontSize="30" Alignment="Center" Value="0"/>
		<Panel Background="#efe" Name="slide1">
			<Text FontSize="30" Alignment="Center" Value="1"/>
		<Panel Background="#eef" Name="slide2">
			<Text FontSize="30" Alignment="Center" Value="2"/>
		<Panel Background="#ffe" Name="slide3">
			<Text FontSize="30" Alignment="Center" Value="3"/>
		<Panel Background="#eff" Name="slide4">
			<Text FontSize="30" Alignment="Center" Value="4"/>

I saw there were some changes related to it in the changelog, but I couldn’t make much sense of them.

in the goto2 function, if you decomment the active.value = 2; line something weird happens: the ActiveIndex is set to the correct value but only AFTER I press the button twice, for some reason.

What I need is an updated ActiveIndex after using seekToPath

Fuse version: 1.3.0 build 14520

OS version: Windows 10

Tested on both the emulator and a phone

A fix for this will be included in Fuse 1.3.1. Thanks for reporting!