Opening or embedding browser?

I’d like to open the browser on a specified URL, or even better - embed it in a Panel?

Trying to implement Facebook Login via their “manually built login flow”:

The documentation notes: “To use Facebook Login in a desktop app, you’ll need to be able to embed a web browser (sometimes called a webview) within the app to perform the login process.”

Side-note: It’s possible that the native Facebook SDKs provide a smoother ride for the user, but this way is probably simpler and more x-platform.

We have a bleeding edge branch which supports web views (and native views in general), but this is not in the current release. It’s coming soon :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Looking forward to this feature and release of the bleeding edge branch :wink:


so FYI, this is what I need to do for the webview-based facebook authentication:

  1. open a special url in a webview (e.g.
  2. wait for user to enter login details and click ok in the webview
  3. webview will redirect to another url that has a fragment at the end “#foo=bar” fragments are pieces of urls that do not get sent to the server
  4. i need to grab this fragment from my program, as it contains the facebook access token

proper explanation:

We are working on an OAuth library to obtain access tokens. It will be released in a few weeks.

+1 for this feature! Could make me move some apps to Fuse from AIR :slight_smile:

oh wow, that’s awesome!

Hello, I just got invited to fuse beta and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Are there any updates on this OAuth lib? If so is there documentation for it?


Actually the support for native views is released now, but we have not published any examples showing how to use them yet :slight_smile:

Will push internally to get that out asap!

Hi Anders

Any news on the examples of the web views or native views?

im also waiting this to make a facebook login.


It is progressing :slight_smile: We have top men working on it right now. Thanks for your patience.

im still waiting for this, any news?

Hey Guys, I’m new in the Beta. Couldn’t find the documentation about oauth. Still working on it?

Still working on it! Can’t give you a firm version number for when it’ll be included, but it is not forgotten. :slight_smile:

Any news on native webviews?

To refresh, what I’d like to do is to open a specific url in a webview, let the user log in, and then grab the redirected URL that results.

This is enough to do OAuth with facebook thru their “manual login flow”

Sorry for the late reply. We’ve had both WebView and InterApp for a while, which should hopefully allow you to do what you want.