Objective-C Library Limitations


We are trying to understand whether Fuse is appropriate for building native VoIP clients on iOS. In particular, we are interested in learning whether Fuse lends itself to client applications that rely on Apple’s VoIP Services / CallKit capabilities via cocoapods libraries.

Any thoughts/suggestions/references are appreciated.


Hi Donovan.

In general, you can wrap almost anything using Foreign code. Take the time to read this post about how Foreign Speech API was once wrapped by Remi, who had little to no native code experience before that.

Not only does this apply to Cocoapods libraries on iOS, but it also plays nicely with Gradle libraries for Android.

There’s several other libraries out there that you can look up for further reference. My personal favourites live on fuse-compound, plus these two handling IAPs: Fuse.RMStore and Fuse.Billing.Android.

Hope this helps!

Hi Uldis,

Thank you! Your explanation and the references are exactly what we need.

Much appreciated.