Fuse Capabilities - VPN Appliance

Hello Fuse community.

New to app dev & about 3 hours old on my knowledge of fuse, but I did not see this questions asked. I am extremely interested in the ability to work once, publish twice (ios/android) almost seems too good to be true.

Can fuse do anything native code can on both platforms? Does fuse have access to everything in both iOS and Android?

Not the world needs another VPN service/app… but would Fuse be a good solution for deploying a VPN app that leverages an established VPN service… like OpenVPN? How hard would it be to leverage the library to play well with another library?

Again, thanks for fielding a newbie question. I would like to avoid breaking ground only to realize for some unknown reason, I spent 2 months learning the wrong thing.

Hi Edgar and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

In short: yes, Fuse can access anything native code can access — however, there are different levels of abstractions here. We’ve already wrapped a ton of stuff through our own UX markup (and you can add your own there as well), and some things you’ll need to write your own wrappers for.

Here are a few articles you’ll need to dig into to learn more:


As for VPN capabilities, you’ll have to take a look at your preferred existing library and see if it can be easily wrapped and used in Fuse. Most likely it’ll work fine, but give it a go :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will spend some time with the links you shared.