No alpha on placeholder text

Setting PlaceholderColor to “#FFF7” for example shows the text without alpha, i.e. opaque white. The alpha channel does render for black text “#0007”.

It’s a minor bug but cosmetically important as typically you want the placeholder text to be a partially transparent version of the main text, (using solid gray doesn’t look right.)

<App Background="Gray">
    <Panel Alignment="Center">
        <StackPanel ItemSpacing="20">
            <TextInput PlaceholderText="This black placeholder text has alpha" PlaceholderColor="#0007"/>
            <TextInput PlaceholderText="While this white text does not" PlaceholderColor="#FFF7"/>

Thanks for the report. What targets are we talking about, do you see this on local preview or is it the same on Android/iOS/both?

Only tried on local preview (would you believe I have a Windows phone.)

Tested on both iOS and Android, and those are not affected. The alpha channel is rendered just right as you’d expect. Which means that you can safely build using the alpha and assume it’ll look just right on mobile targets.

Logged a ticket about the local preview and someone will take a look at it shortly.

Thanks Uldis!