nevigation between two uxs

Hi, I wanted to nevigate introduce.ux to auth.ux introduce.ux is for sliding page and auth.ux is for SNS login. I want to show auth.ux when slinding of introduce.ux page is finished. I tried to do as bellow.

Also, I have no idea how to set the color or image of pageindicator background in introduce.ux page. As you can see, this background image is what I set background to next page, auth.ux, not for introduce.ux page.



Thanks for posting, please share you code in text format and I will be able to help you out :slight_smile:

Been facing the same issue. Tried structuring my views as ux:Classes and using them in a DirectNavigation but not luck so far. I’m simply trying to implement a sidebar menu that has different links to different views in my app. What’s the best Navigation type to use here?

@Abdalla: So basically something like this example but with buttons in a sidebar menu instead of a tab bar?

In that case then you could look at that example + this one.

Been going through the forums trying to find a question similar to mine, sorry for writing again.

So the PageControl and LinearNavigation, all they do is swipe between existing views. That means that if I include in JS files there, they’d be executed, I guess… Also any videos in them would start playing even on their own, if I’m understanding things correctly.

What if I wanted a navigation system where I would go from view 1 to view 2 in such a way that’s close to android’s native activities thing where 1 view is pushed to the stack? I recognize there’s HierarchicalNavigation but I can’t understand the example in the reference.

Is the main idea to implement my views as ux:Classes and putting those in Pages in one of the Navigation types? What’s the best practice here?

Thanks for replying in the first place though. You guys are awesome!

HierarchicalNavigation will be deprecated and there’s something much better coming, if your on the slack team you’ll know about it as soon as its out. The team said that there will be much better documentation coming soon as well, which will explain it as well. So to stay on the Edge I’d get on the slack team and join the #updates channel

@Abdalla: yes, what you describe sounds like HierarchicalNavigation. :slight_smile: And while new navigation functionality is coming soon there’s no reason nothing wrong in implementing what you want to do right away. (The new stuff will be easier to use but afaik we’re not removing the previous navigation functionality right away).