Need Help to Set Observable value from own ux:Class

Hello Everyone,
i need your help. I have made new TextInput Class called EmailInput.
In this EmailInput ux:Class i will set the status Observable in Context.js or the error Observable in RegisterPage.js but it don’t work.
I expected the output is Error: test in RegisterPage.ux but it shows only the static Text Error and no Observable value.
Now the question: How can i set the Observable value from my EmailInput ux:Class?

I have the following code:


<Page ux:Class="RegisterPage">
  <Router ux:Dependency="router" />
    <JavaScript File="RegisterPage.js" />

	<ScrollView Padding="20">

		    <Text Margin="0, 20, 0, 0">Mail:</Text>
		    <EmailInput />

		    <Text Margin="0, 20, 0, 0">Error:</Text>
		    <Text Value="{error}" />

	<TextInput ux:Class="EmailInput" Height="30" Padding="5" Value="{Property Text}">
	    <string ux:Property="Text" />
	    <bool ux:Property="IsValid" />

	      	  let RegisterPage = require("Pages/RegisterPage");
  	          let text = this.Text.value;
  	          //Not working
  	          RegisterPage.error.value = 'test';
  	          //Not working
  	          //RegisterPage.error.value = {error: 'test'};


	    <Rectangle CornerRadius="4" Layer="Background">
	        <Stroke ux:Name="stroke" Width="1" Color="#BBB" />


	      	<WhileFalse Value="{Property IsValid}">
		     <Change stroke.Color="Red" />

		  <WhileTrue Value="{Property IsValid}">
		      <Change stroke.Color="Green" />



let Context = require("Modules/Context");

let email = { return; }).inner();
let error = { return x.error; }).inner();

module.exports = {
	email: email,
	error: error


let Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
let Backend = require("./Backend");

let user = Observable();
let status = Observable();

module.exports = {
	Observable: Observable,

	user: user,
	status: status

You must create a function that sets the value of the Observable:

function setStatusValue() {
    status.value = true;

and then call the function in UX:

<Callback Handler="{setStatusValue}" />