Observable as ux:Class property

I created a Dropdown component with some animations and such. The options are populated iterating over {options} items. Can I use the component like this?:

<Dropdown options="{order.sendingOptions}" />

In other words: can I specify options as a property of the component?

Right not it seems not, so, do you have any suggestion on how to approach this?

Thank you!!



This is now possible :slight_smile: Here is a short example (notice <object ux:Property="Items" />):

        var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

        items = Observable(1,2,3,4,5);

        module.exports = {
            items : items

        <Panel ux:Class="List" Margin="5">
            <object ux:Property="Items" />
            <float4 ux:Property="ItemColor"/>

            <StackPanel ItemSpacing="10">
                <Each Items="{Property this.Items}">
                    <Rectangle Color="{Property this.ItemColor}" Height="10"/>

        <Grid ColumnCount="2" RowCount="2">
            <List Items="{items}" ItemColor="#f00"/>
            <List Items="{items}" ItemColor="#f0f"/>
            <List Items="{items}" ItemColor="#ff0"/>
            <List Items="{items}" ItemColor="#0ff"/>