Observable for TextInput is not working after using the router

Hello everybody,

I build an app with two Pages:

  • Login
  • Content

In the Login Part of the App I built a FloatingLabel which is used for TextInput like this:

							<FloatingLabel ux:Name="enterUsernameLabel" Dock="Top" PlaceholderText="Deine E-Mail Adresse" InputHint="Email" Value="{mail}" Margin="20,20,20,0" />
						<MainText Value="" Dock="Top" Margin="20,2,0,0" FontSize="10" Visibility="{visibilityEnterUsernameLabelError}"/>
						<Panel Margin="0,0,0,0" Dock="Bottom">
							<RaisedButton ux:Name="btnToWedding" Padding="0,0,0,20" Alignment="Center" Clicked="{checkUsername}" BtnText="Zur Hochzeit" BtnColor="#043e93" BtnTextColor="#fff" Visibility="Visible"/>
						</Panel> .   

With a Click on the Raised Button it makes an REST-call to the backend. When starting the app everything is working fine and I can start this Login-Flow. After finishing it and logged in the user I switch to the Content page of this app.

Now I’ve build a Logout-Button and when clicking this I go back trough the router to the Login Page. Now if I want to Login again the Observable “mail” is empty when I pressed the button and it’s not working anymore.

I really don’t know what is doing wrong right here. Someone an idea?