Write an app without JS


I would like to write an app only with Uno and UX without FuseJS. I know i will lose the preview of JS-Code because Uno is compiled. I tried first steps but could not use DataBinding with Uno. Event handler works but text changes only in dotnet-preview. Do you have an example how to change/set properties (DataBinding)?

General Questions about Uno:

  • Is Ux necessary to write an Uno application in general? (Main method as starting Point?)
  • Would it be possible to write an Fuse app only with Uno? (imperative vs declarative)
  • What is the right class to fetch data? (HttpMessageHandlerRequest.SendAsync)
  • Does Uno-code behind run in a separate thread?
using Uno;
using Uno.Collections;
using Fuse;

public partial class MainView {
    Fuse.Controls.Button but11 { get; set; }
    Fuse.Controls.Button but22 { get; set; }
    Uno.UX.IPropertyListener propList { get; set; }

    public MainView() {
        debug_log("App init!");
        Predicate<Node> predicate = findNode;
        this.propList = new PropListener();
        IList<Node> nodes = this.Children;
        this.but11 = (Fuse.Controls.Button)nodes[0];
        Node n = App.Current.RootViewport.FindNodeByName(new Uno.UX.Selector("but2"), predicate);
        this.but22 = (Fuse.Controls.Button)n;
        Fuse.Gestures.Clicked.AddHandler(but1, this.buttonHandler);

    public void buttonHandler(object o, Fuse.Gestures.ClickedArgs args) {
       this.but11.SetText("Test", this.propList);

   public bool findNode(Node n){
       return true;

public class PropListener: Uno.UX.IPropertyListener {

    public void OnPropertyChanged(Uno.UX.PropertyObject obj, Uno.UX.Selector property ) {

<App ux:Class='MainView' ux:Name='main'  ux:AutoCtor="false">
    <Button Text="Info" ux:Name='but1' Alignment="TopLeft"/>
    <Button Text="Quit" ux:Name='but2' Alignment="TopCenter"/>


It is possible but we do not currently provide any support on making apps with Uno for the business logic, as it is not the intended use of the product. There are no docs or examples, and we would highly discourage it.

If you absolutely need to do this as part of a commercial product you can get assistance through a custom support plan.