Move from PageControl to EdgeNavigator

Hi guys,

i have a problem: I have a page control like this:

<App Theme="Basic">
  <!-- login and registration page with swipe gesture -->
  <PageControl Active="{currentPage}">
      <Page ux:Name="Login">
          <Login />
      <Page ux:Name="Registration">
          <Registration />

  <!-- The real application -->

  <EdgeNavigator ux:Name="MyEdge">
      <Panel Width="150" Edge="Left" Background="#f63" />
    <Page ux:Name="Home" Background="#fff">
        <Text Value="MyHome" />

Inside the class Registration i have a button like this:

<Button Text="Ok" Alignment="Center" />
        <NavigateTo Target="Home" NavigationContext="EdgeNavigator" />

My intention is: when a user press that button, the app redirect him to the edge navigator.

This is my error log:

…\D:\Code\FuseProjects\NavigationProva\registration.ux(246): E8001: The node ‘EdgeNavigator’ can not be used here: The type must be compatible with ‘Fuse.Navigation.INavigation’

D:\Code\FuseProjects\NavigationProva\registration.ux(246,1): Error E8001: The node ‘EdgeNavigator’ can not be used here: The type must be compatible with ‘Fuse.Navigation.INavigation’

…\D:\Code\FuseProjects\NavigationProva\MainView.ux(107): E8001: ‘Panel’ does not have an attached property called ‘EdgeNavigator.Edge’, nor does it support implicit set-properties

I hope anyone can help me! :\


First of all, you should always point to the ux:Name instead of the object class itself, so you would do NavigationContext="MyEdge" instead.

Secondly, the NavigationContext parameter requires a Navigation type (DirectNavigation, LinearNavigation, etc) which you haven’t defined in your PageControl yet.

Take a look at -> Navigation Types.

Hi Fernando,

I read the documentation, but i cant find this problem.

How can i navigate from a LinearNavigation to an EdgeNavigation ?

is it possible?

Any solutions?

Not really sure what you want, but you probably want DirectNavigation

Yea, DirectNavigation works for me. I read tons of time the Documentation but in the end i got it (maybe).

Thanks :slight_smile: