Moving between pages using JS

I’m 5 hours into playing with Fuse and I’m building a quick prototype to see if I’ll use fuse for a commercial product. I’ve seen the youtube videos, read the documentation and looked through each demo product - but feel stupid that I cannot get something simple to work.

I want to programtically move from one page to another using JS. I want this to be done with JS as it is for a login page, I want to validate the credentials then move to the main product page.

It is the moving from one page to another that is my issue. Can anyone here provide me with the JS to do this?

I could really do with a component explorer tool - to find out for myself what namespaces and methods etc might be available to me without relying on the documentation and community. Are these tools available?

Hi, I don’t work for Fuse but look here at Jake’s answer in another thread: