SIMPLE Navigation Isn't Working For Me

I’m super new using Fuse but I have a basic knowledge of NativeScript and have just switched over from it. I’ve been trying to make a menu page that takes me to other pages and I have read the Docs a million times with no avail. The HomePage.ux is basically my navigation page. Here’s my github:


I would suggest narrowing your project down to only navigation, getting a barebone concept to work, and then moving on from there. This docs-page, in addition to cattr Should be everything you need to get started. If you can get that working, you should be able to move from there :slight_smile:

Ive tried the cattr code but that isnt quite what I want. Even if I try to recreate that and follow the steps to get the navigation properly it still doesnt work. All I really want is a list of links to take me to one page each.

Like this? (note that this generates pages using JavaScript, but the rest should do)

Sorry for the late reply. From what I’m getting out of the pages example is just adding pages. I want to be able to have one page(menu) to take me to five different pages with their own content in them. I feel like I’m missing something in all this? I just don’t understand why what I have isn’t working.

@Unkvlt: we have not seen what it is that you have, and we don’t see how it isn’t working.

Please take the whole Tutorial and you should have a better understanding of everything once you’re done.

Oh god, I fixed it. Sorry for all the confusion. Literally all that was wrong was me not adding a comma in the module.exports.