Move target for infinity


I want to have an icon rotates (or moves) forth and back. This creates what I want. Is there somehow to create an infinity loop with WhileActive triggers or something like that? I couldn’t find anything about it in the documentation.

(Updated the post)

<Image ux:Name="IceBreakerIcon" Width="40%" Alignment="BottomCenter" StretchMode="UniformToFill" File="../../assets/IceBreakerIcon.png" X="0">

        <WhileActive Threshold="0.1">
          <Rotate Degrees="10" Duration="0.5" Delay="0.5" />
          <Rotate Degrees="-20" Duration="1" Delay="1" />
          <Rotate Degrees="20" Duration="1" Delay="2" />
          <Rotate Degrees="-20" Duration="1" Delay="3" />
          <Rotate Degrees="20" Duration="1" Delay="4" />
          <Rotate Degrees="-20" Duration="1" Delay="5" />
          <Rotate Degrees="20" Duration="1" Delay="6" />
          <Rotate Degrees="-20" Duration="1" Delay="7" />
          <Rotate Degrees="20" Duration="1" Delay="8" />
          <Rotate Degrees="-20" Duration="1" Delay="9" />
          <Rotate Degrees="20" Duration="1" Delay="10" />


You should look into using Cycle on a Translation instead of Move. Here’s a proof of concept:

	<Rectangle Width="56" Height="56" Color="#18f" CornerRadius="2">
		<Translation ux:Name="rectTrans" X="-0.5" RelativeTo="Size" />
			<Cycle Target="rectTrans.X" Low="-0.5" High="0.5" Frequency="2" />

You can still put the Cycle inside of WhileActive, as in your snippet.