Loop a timeline endlessly

Hi !

How could I play a timeline endlessly ? When it’s finished, it’s launched again from the beginning. Like a complex Cycle.

Thanks !

Unfortunately this can’t be done yet. It’s one of our pending feature requests and I’m looking to increase the priority of it now.

Just to be clear though, you wish to have wraparound support. When it gets to the end it starts playing from the start again?

While we’re at it, perhaps support (optional) start- and end-markers as well?

Hmm I’m not sure I understand well the question, the idea is just to be able to loop a complex animation.

Whether <LoopTimeline> automatically running again or <Timeline Loop="True"> or just an easy way to put the TargetProgress back to 0 then to 1.

Ok, whats the current state?
I like to create a round button with endless loop like this:

I found the solution:


Here it is:

<Circle ux:Class="RoundButton" HitTestMode="LocalBounds" InnerColor="#232323">
    <string ux:Property="Text" />
    <float4 ux:Property="TextColor" />
    <float4 ux:Property="InnerColor" />
    <object ux:Property="Font" />
    <float ux:Property="FontSize" />
        <Set timeline.TargetProgress="1" />
    <Text ux:Name="txtCaption" Value="{ReadProperty Text}" Color="{ReadProperty TextColor}" Alignment="Center" Font="{ReadProperty Font}" FontSize="{ReadProperty FontSize}" />
    <Circle Color="{ReadProperty InnerColor}" Margin="10"/>
    <Circle ux:Name="cirBorder" Width="0" Height="0" >
        <Stroke Width="15">
            <SolidColor Color="{ReadProperty InnerColor}" />
    <Timeline ux:Name="timeline" PlayMode="Wrap">
        <Change Target="cirBorder.Width">
            <Keyframe Value="0" Time="0.0"/>
            <Keyframe Value="60" Time="1.0"/>
        <Change Target="cirBorder.Height">
            <Keyframe Value="0" Time="0.0"/>
            <Keyframe Value="60" Time="1.0"/>
        <Change Target="cirBorder.Opacity">
            <Keyframe Value="1.0" Time="0.0"/>
            <Keyframe Value="0.0" Time="1.0"/>