Logo animation

Basically I have this in MainView.ux:

<Panel ux:Name="splashscreen" Background="#ffffff" Dock="Fill" Opacity="0.5">
  <Image ux:Name="logoSplash" File="assets/img/logo.png" Alignment="Center" Width="50"/>

 <Change logoSplash.Width="300" Duration="0.5" />

So I expect the logo size to animate to width 300 in 0.5 seconds when the application starts, but nothing really happens…

Am I doing something wrong?


You need to actually activate the WhileTrue trigger (which has a default Value of false).

You also might have to set the Bypass to “Never” so that you actually get the animation with the initial state.

<WhileTrue Value="True" Bypass="Never">

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

It does help, thank you very much!!

The only thing is that I can’t get the timing well… I mean, as you can see from the code up there it should animate the logo from small to big size, but whenever the application is ready, the logo is already big, no animation at all. I tried adjusting the Delay and Duration, but the result is not good…

Is there any way to know exactly when everything is ok and the logo can start to move?