Move Duration Bug when set from JavaScript


<Move X="{xMove}" Duration="{xDuration}"/>

Does not work as expected. The Duration is ignored.

But if you do

<Move X="{xMove}" Duration="{xDuration}"/>
<Move Y="0" Duration="2"/>

It works. But if the xDuration is smaller than 2, it will just wait 1 sec and then move.

The JavaScript does not matter (I tried everything, trust me, or not … but I really spend a lot of time on it … )

edit :

Code arround it

    <Move X="{xMove}" Duration="{xDuration}"/>
    <Move Y="{yMove}" Duration="{yDuration}"/>
    <Move Z="0" Duration="4"/>


This is probably because you have a rendering lag the first frame when adding items (large pieces of UI take some time to render).

We have a ticket filed for this, which will make the adding animation wait until rendering is done before starting the animation timer. That will fix this issue for good.

For now you can camuflage it like you did, by adding an artificial delay.

Thanks for reporting and debugging!

Nice :slight_smile: