Animation bug

In the new version 0.1.2214 of Fuse when I have a series of animation in a Manual Trigger like:

When the trigger “On” is false the Backawards animations are not in reverse… They execute in the same order of the initial (when “On” is true). If i put a DelayBack to this animation dont work because the other animation wait for this to execute.

There is a way to do this? to execute the animation in the same time and control them with Delay and DelayBack.

In the previus version this work different… I think that this is a error of the new version!

Previously there was a defect that DelayBack wasn’t working in situations with multiple animators. It may be it just wasn’t applied before and is working now – but not doing what you expected.

The Back attributes createa second timeline for the animation, but are still measured from the start/left of that timeline. It’s just that when the backwards animation is played it uses this alternative timeline, but it plays it from end to beginning. That is, DelayBack isn’t a delay at the end, but a delay at the start which applies during backward playback.

I’m looking for a solution right now to put delays at the end of an animation.

Can you give me an example nonetheless and explain what you want to happen?

Thanks! Playing with the differents attributes (DelayBack, DurationBack, etc…) Achieve what I was looking for.

Previously I thought that DelayBack delay the animation at the end… It would be very useful to put delays at the end of an animation.

Please if you can see the other topic that I create ( I cant make work the animation…


I’ve added an animator called Nothing which allows defining an arbitrary length of the animation. This essentially lets you put delays at the end. This will be available in an upcoming release, watch the release notes.