Mobile Fusetools

Hi there!

Are you guys considering creating a mobile version of FuseTools ? What i mean is, tho is not a tipical developer platform, it would be interesting to have Fuse development in a tablet mutch like CODEA for instance.


Hey! To be completely honest, yes we have, and no: we’re not focused on that right now. :slight_smile: There are a few reasons for it, but the simplest one is that when the main output is going to be high-quality, production ready apps, there are simply way too many hoops to run through that belong on a proper desktop environment (such as unit testing, proper source code version control, debugging etc.)

I know that’s a boring answer, but the cool thing about Fuse is that with our declarative UX markup (and soon to be open sourced API and platform), there’s nothing stopping 3rd party developers from making mobile apps for making mobile apps with Fuse. :slight_smile: I can imagine for example our properties inspector would make an awesome addition to a production pipeline that features Fuse. Being able to tweak properties in real-time from an iPad next to my main computer setup would be so cool. :slight_smile: