Memory error

Hi, there is a problem when I deploy the app to ios devices. Totally we need more than 300 images. The folllowing two screenshots show the duplicated image loading. file


And Xcode will stop unexpectedly and prompt me this error: file

Can you tell me which version you are using? We’ve recently fixed an issue with duplicate loading.

Can you also provide an example of the UX you are using to load the images?

The version that I used is Fuse_0_5_3166. I download the latest version but cannot preview the app.

So you can’t test it on the newest version yet? Let’s wait until you can before we look further into this, since I believe the error was addressed.

Have you already created a thread about not being able to preview, to make sure we’re working on that?

Thanks for reply. Yes. We can’t test it on the newest version.

The thread was not created by us. But we think the problem we encountered is the same.

Sky Team: I believe these are two distinct problems. However, the problem blocking you from using local preview in the latest version should not be a problem on iPhone or OSX.

You can verify right now wether this particular problem is gone in the latest version. Install it and type

uno build --target=iOS --run