MapView ShowMyLocationButton is not visible

In MapView I set ShowMyLocationButton to true, but that button is not visible.

Fusetools: 0.35.0 (Build 10867) IOS: 9.3.2 (13F69), emulator: 10.2 (14C89)

Check that your application grants the required permissions. This feature depends on a permission.

Can you explain (please) which permission on iOS is needed to make the ShowMyLocation Button visible?

I have the following code and it does not show the location button, the user’s location or the compass…? I am previewing on an iPhone 7 Plus.

<MapView ShowMyLocation="True" ShowMyLocationButton="true" ShowCompass="True" Latitude="{}" Longitude="{currentLocation.coords.lng}" Zoom="16">
    <Each Items="{locations}">
        <MapMarker Latitude="{}" Longitude="{coords.lng}" Label="{name}"/>

Hey guys, yeah, which permission/capability must we set?

I have given my app the permission to use the users current location already.

This works on android, just iOS not working, tested on iOS 10 (iPhone 5) & 11 (iPhone 6).

Is this a bug? ~