MapView doesn't show up on iOS using 0.10

Tested using pre-release 0.10.0 (build 5986). Can’t seem to get the MapView to show up on iPhone 6. The element is there (as seen when setting a Background on it), experimented with setting other properties as well (Style, Width, Height, Zoom etc.) - no effect.

Did not see anything reasonable or related to MapView in XCode debug log, neither in Fuse Monitor. When building iOS preview in Terminal, I see a reference to Maps package and multiple mentions of MapView.

Made a simple test app:

<App Theme="Basic" Background="#333333ff">
            <MapView Width="300" Height="300" Background="#fff" />

Included “Fuse.Maps” in .unoproj Packages:

  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [

Hey, thanks for the exhaustive report. The issue has been found and a hotfix is incoming :slight_smile:

Update: When trying to run a preview on Android (CAT B15) with the same code as above, but without adding the respective “Android” section to .unoproj:

"Android": {
  "Geo": {
    "ApiKey": "googlemapsapikeygoeshere"

Then the app kind of crashes (it’s still running, but only shows background) and Fuse Monitor goes into an evil loop of something like this: I even couldn’t stop it to copy the text, sorry.

When one adds the “Android” section to .unoproj, even without a valid Google Api Key, the app seems to run fine and does not crash immediately, also the Fuse Monitor says nothing.

Edit: when adding the “Android” section to .unoproj file AND using a valid Api Key, the MapView successfully loads the map.