MapMarkers / MapView Problem/Bug?

I have this working code. Actually I am planning to have around 500+ Markers - is that a performance problem? How many Markers I can “place”, without a performance loss / lags or even crashes? Now the problem comes in: I am testing on an IOS Device and there some Markers are disappearing, when I zoom out. Actually when I zoom in again, the Markers are kind of buggy and disappear/appear again for a short time. What can I do in order to keep the Markers visible all the time, even if I zoom in/out?

<NativeViewHost ux:Name="mapView">
  <MapView Latitude="48.021885" Longitude="11.117172" Zoom="10">
    <Each Items="{data}">
      <MapMarker Latitude="{Latitude}" Longitude="{Longitude}" Label="{Name}"/>

Thank you for your help!

We have not had reports of disappearing map markers before, so if you have a complete, minimal reproduction available, please post it here.

Other than that, 500+ markers definitely sound a bit excessive. There’s no magic number that would work on all devices though, because drawing markers means using memory, and how much of it is available varies by OS and particular devices.

If I were you, I’d look into showing far less markers at any given time. I very much doubt it’s easy for your users to find the right marker when there’s 500+ of them too.

Well thank your for your response - I have though about the amount of markers once more and I think the best thing would be “marker-clustering” - there was a thread about that once, but there was nothing useful… Is there something new about this kind of topic? Is it somehow possible to use marker-clustering in fuse? Soon I will provide reproduction stuff for my issue. Thank your for your help

Hey @Koala.

Knowing that Fuse uses Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOs, it could be possible to add marker clustering feature with Foreign Code. Google got Android Marker Clustering Utility and Apple have MKClusterAnnotation. Also ClusterKit for iOs looks interesting to try.

Hope this helps.

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