How should I handle my massive mapdata best?


I’m creating an application where the map is an essential part of the experience. The map will contain between 4000 and 6000 unique markers and when a marker is clicked/tapped, related data will be shown in a panel outside the NativeViewHost. The issue here is how the data should be handled

  1. Download a subset of the data containing only what I need to connect a marker to the relevant data. When a marker is clicked, I then download the rest of the necessary data for this specific marker. This is the most lightweight solution with the least memory footprint. But this will make the user have to wait for new data quite often which is a bad thing I guess, even though with the mobile network today this won’t be a proper issue.

  2. Download all the data at once, and when a marker is tapped I pick out the correct information from the list of objects. This might feel snappier, but I have a feeling this might set the phone on fire as it requires a lot of memory.

How would you guys recommend doing this in Fuse? Is there other solutions I haven’t thought that might work better?

If the data is static and doesn’t ever change or barely changes like once a month, you can probably bundle it with the app or when downloaded cache it by storing it and serve it locally instead of from the network.

If not I think first option is best

The data will change over time, but it’s more like an object here and an object there. So Bundling the data will work with some version control to download the few small objects that’s changed over time.

Thanks a lot for your input!