Map not showing propertly when a panel is visible


I have a page where I show a map. The page has a header and sometimes it shows another panel with the place adress (changing visibility of the adress panel to “collapsed”)

When the adress panel is shown (uxPageMapHidePanelAdress = false) then the map panel does not fit the window (iPhone) as show on the picture:



<StackPanel Dock="Top"> 
    <Panel Background="#595959" Alignment="VerticalCenter" Height="40">
        <Text Value="{uxPageMapHeader}" TextAlignment="Center" Alignment="VerticalCenter" TextColor="#ffffff"/>

    <StackPanel ux:Name="pageMapPanelAdress" Background="#595959">
        <Text Value="{uxPageMapAdress}" Margin="0,6,0,0" FontSize="16" TextAlignment="Center" TextWrapping="Wrap" TextColor="#ffffff"/>
        <Text Value="{uxPageMapCity}" Margin="0,2,0,6" FontSize="16" TextAlignment="Center" TextWrapping="Wrap" TextColor="#ffffff"/>

    <WhileTrue Value="{uxPageMapHidePanelAdress}">
        <Change pageMapPanelAdress.Visibility="Collapsed"/>


        <MapView ux:Name="mapViewPlace" Latitude="{uxPageMapLat}" Longitude="{uxPageMapLng}" ShowMyLocation="{uxPageMapShowOwnLocation}" Zoom="{uxPageMapZoom}"> 
            <Each Items="{uxPageMapMapMarkers}">
                <MapMarker Latitude="{latitude}" Longitude="{longitude}" Label="{label}" />


result when the adress panel is shown:

The iOS mapview is currently subject to a set of layout issues we are actively working on rectifying. It’s an uncommonly awkward view to work with for reasons that seem pretty poorly defined :confused: A fix for this should hopefully be done on our side very soon and should make it into a release asap.

This issue should be sorted out now <3 The fix will roll out in a little over a week.