ManualTrigger Delay Error

Hi I have this code to trigger automatically a Scale animation with a Delay of 10 segs.

<ManualTrigger ux:Name="MyTrigger" On="true">
    <Scale Target="Myimage" Factor="0.05" Duration="10" Easing="ElasticOut" Delay="10" />

But the animation dont work, when I open the app the scale is already in 0.05 and dont wait the Delay.

The issue here is that triggers bypass their animation when rooted in a set state. That is, since you set On="true" in UX it assumes you shoudl be starting in the fully progressed state. That is why it just starts at 0.05.

In an upcoming release I’ve added a Bypass option to triggers. You can specify Bypass="Never" and this bypass behaviour will not be followed. Your animation will start from the beginning and play to the end each time it is rooted. Watch the release notes to see when this becomes available.