Long reload times in preview

How long should live reloads take?
For me it is around 5-10s both in preview and on iOS device. Is this normal?

Mac OS X
Fuse 0.24.0 (build 7243)

I am editing in Visual Studio Code.

Javascript reload times are slowest.
Sometimes markup reload within two secs, other times 5-10s.
I have one npm-package in my project.
Aprox 15 js-files and 10 .ux files


Live reloads should be instant, but if there is a lot of data (videos, images) in your project it might be slower.

Can you please provide a test project ?

The projects requires a local development server to work ATM so you won’t be able to start it. Is it possible to get Fuse to output more info during the recompile process?

EDIT: Added the -v flag and will see if I can give more useful info.

When I fired it up this morning everything is running a lot faster. JS-changes are near instant. UX-file changes takes 3-5s.

Perhaps it just bogs down over time? Biggest problems where at the end of the day. I relaunched the preview several times, but perhaps other processes are causing issues?

Strange. This doesn’t happen in common case, so it would be very helpful to get a test project that consistently reproduces the issue we can use to debug.

I’ll let you know if the issue persists. Perhaps someone else will run into this problem and have a more suitable project to send over.

The issue might actually be due to Visual Studio Code and more specifically the git-integration. That helper process has been running at 50-100% continuously and bogging down the computer. Disabling Git in VS Code solves this problem:

    "git.enabled": false

And the live reload feels faster now.