Lightbox gallery

I know there’s a gallery example but that just opens the pictures in a modal without further interaction. Is there an example that also covers a basic lightbox functionality (tap an image, it opens in full screen, swipe to navigate between them) ?

Hi mircea,

no ready example exactly like that, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement what you’re asking. I’m guessing the Swipe to reveal details example could be a good starting point.

If you’re looking for hints about “swipe to navigate between pictures”, then the most obvious answer to that is a PageControl. Inside of one, you could render all the images in a gallery as pages.

Hope this helps!

Hi Uldis
I know there are example that showcase cards/slides and swiping between them. But what I was also looking for was removing and adding slides (or the content inside them) since galleries can have many pics and you wouldn’t want to have a slider with 20 elements or so.

However that shouldn’t be too hard to implement so I will do it based on the example you provided. Thanks for the info