Too long strings in <TextView /> does not render or results to too slow performance

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  • Fuse version 1.8.1 (build 15610)

  • Operating system version: macOS & Windows

  • Problem: The user needs to show a series of texts which length is 5,671 bytes so she/he used markup tag.
    However, black screen is shown instead of actual texts and texts are not rendered.
    After changing the length of texts to about 5,600, it works pretty well.
    When she/he used markup instead of , the maximum length of texts for markup I tested was about several hundreds bytes.
    So currently, she/he splits into two markup.
    Is she/he implementing to markup codes wrongly, or there might be a bug in Fuse?

  • I tested using which texts are from lorem ipsum. On preview mode, scrolling does not work or is very slow. On iOS preview mode, just black screen is shown.


This is known issue with TextView and ticket has been created.

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