landscape causing text shrink


i created a new example app, and ive been testing it on my moto g android lollipop 5.0.2. first, when i switch to landscape, and switch back to portrait, the middle text on top on every slides shrinked.

2nd, when i switch to landscape, the vibrate button does not match the width of screen, its over extended off screen to the right.

when switching landscape more, it took sometime to process the switch.

3rd, the vibrate button text became 2 line, width seems to be some issues…

by the way, this look awesomely promising :slight_smile:

it would be good if we have option to set only portrait mode.

keep up the good work :slight_smile:


There is an option to lock the app to portrait mode :

Try "Orientations": "Portrait"

For the rest of your isses, please provide a test case illustrating the problems.


im using purely generated example app from the latest version fuse dashboard. 0.9.11