Keyword for iOS icon iPad_83.5_2x


The xcode needs icon for iPad Pro. The size is 167x167px and is called iPad_83.5_2x in some context. However I’m unable to figure out what name that should be called in fuse project file. The documentation only give me these:

“iOS”: {
“Icons”: {
“iPhone_29_2x”: “Icon-iPhone-29@2x.png”,
“iPhone_29_3x”: “Icon-iPhone-29@3x.png”,
“iPhone_40_2x”: “Icon-iPhone-40@2x.png”,
“iPhone_40_3x”: “Icon-iPhone-40@3x.png”,
“iPhone_60_2x”: “Icon-iPhone-60@2x.png”,
“iPhone_60_3x”: “Icon-iPhone-60@3x.png”,
“iPad_29_1x”: “Icon-iPad-29@1x.png”,
“iPad_29_2x”: “Icon-iPad-29@2x.png”,
“iPad_40_1x”: “Icon-iPad-40@1x.png”,
“iPad_40_2x”: “Icon-iPad-40@2x.png”,
“iPad_76_1x”: “Icon-iPad-76@1x.png”,
“iPad_76_2x”: “Icon-iPad-76@2x.png”

Have you tried adding an icon in the format you expect to see if it just works? If not there may be something we have to special case/fix, but my guess is it would just work as expected. If you could give it a shot and let me know how it goes that’d be helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t know what’s the “key” for it should be. Apple uses the name Icon-83.5@2x.png so by following Fuse logic it should be something like iPad_83.5_2x (?) But this doesn’t work. (Icon-83.5@2x.png doesn’t work either)

Is there an answer to this? What’s the property name for ipad 83.5@2x icons?

If this is missing it would seem this is a bug, as this icon is required for iOS builds.

Hi Everybody…
Is there a solution to this problem?

Hey all,

I just tried adding this icon and couldn’t. An internal ticket has been raised to figure out how to make this work. Will keep you posted!

Any progress with this one yet?

No, sadly there is no progress on this yet.

Hi! It would be nice to define the iOS Marketing image (1024x1024). Currently i add the files manually when i build for deploy for testing on Xcode.


Please create the seperate thread if you have a new feature request

No worries, we actually have a ticket on the marketing image too. Rest assured these are coming and watch the changelog of future Fuse releases.

This feature (both Pad_83.5_2x and iOS-Marketing_1024_1x, as well as some other missing ones) has been implemented and is expected to be released as part of Fuse 1.5.