Kerning must exist to build modern mobile apps

Our application REQUIRES kerning and custom spacing. When will it be available. We NEED a hard date for this, can someone at the company call me? There already exist many issues with building anything with FUSE that resembles a true modern user experience especially without full typography support. This is a huge problem for any serious development company! We continue to run into major roadblocks time and time again. Can someone reach out to – I need to understand the roadmap under NDA.

There’s plenty of features i’d like to see Fuse do right now, but I understand building a solid cross-platform solution requires a roadmap that doesn’t cut corners. If you’re in a big hurry I suggest you find a solution to this using Foreign Code. I’d probably solve this by creating a custom font.

Cutting corners may include events that fire correctly when native and graphic planes are on top of each other which is a known defect for months, performance is abysmal in this scenario. A custom font for every style would be laborious and tedious to code. How about you build the custom fonts for us. When will the feature be available?

The question was I need someone to speak to about seeing the road map. There are many shortfalls of the system well beyond kerning. We are a professional software company and we need hard dates on when features will be coming out. Again, we are happy to sign an NDA and we fully realize that dates are missed all the time in software. Without a plan we have nothing but wishful thinking and that does not build a company. Please have someone reach out to me for a discussion.

Hi Dave,

Kerning / custom spacing and general rich text support is not on our near-term roadmap and is therefore very unlikely to be provided from us in the next 6 months, at least.

As Matti (who doesn’t work here at Fuse but kindly tried to help) suggested your best option to achieve this right now would be to use a custom font.
Other options might be to display your rich text in a webview or to add the necessary features on a branch of the open sourced fuselibs.

If none of these are viable and your app absolutely depends on a feature that’s not provided by Fuse I unfortunately don’t see any option beyond switching to another development platform.


Thank you for the response. We need to understand the roadmap for fuse tools and will sign an NDA. As a builder of a very large platform (smart city platform) – and – it would be imperative that our mobile experience is without a hitch and be positioned to use fuse tools features as they become available. How can we see the high level roadmap.



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