Navigation sometimes goes beyond last page

Hi there,

when swiping to the last page of the example template very quickly, the LinearNavigation sometimes switches to a strange blank(ish) page. When setting SwipeEnds="Open" on the SwipeNavigate, even a slow swipe to the far right shows the effect.

StructuredNavigation::Progress() will sometimes exceed 2 (I got values like 2.0000000105191864 in the “Closed” case, or even ~2.3 in the “Open” case). This is converted to 3 in StructuredNavigation::EndSeek (SnapTo is 2 for my case) because the clamping maximum seems to be one off.

Changing the clamping maximum to PageCount()-1 for all cases of SnapTo fixed the issue for me.

Fuse Version: 0.9.8 (build 7500)

Hi, and thanks for reporting! This issue has been fixed internally, and the fix will be released soon.

Nice, thank you!